Turning over Logo and Image Files

Our support team can add custom logos and images to your project. When providing this as a service, we will:

  • Rasterize the image to a high-quality mezzanine file.
  • Extract a clean alpha, if present in the source image.
  • Size the logo to look balanced relative to the other elements in your logo block.

File Formats

We accept the following file formats, in order of preference:

  • A vector file like AI, EPS, or PDF. With alpha whenever possible, please.
  • A 24-bit PNG with alpha.
  • A TIFF with alpha.
  • A PNG, TIFF, or BMP without alpha.
  • GIFs as a last resort, but—really?
  • JPEGs as an absolutely last resort.

Please try to source better than JPEG, if possible. These are great for photographic images, but their compression technique doesn't play well with logos. They can leave visible artifacts along hard lines, as illustrated below:
Cube Gif - Cube Jpeg
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