Uploading Logos

The logo uploader is available whenever you're actively editing a logo block in your Endcrawl project:

  1. Click "Upload a Logo"
  2. Either browse your local computer for a file to upload, or
  3. Drag and drop directly onto the uploader.
  4. Logos you've uploaded will appear at the top of the default search results.
  5. To permanently delete an uploaded logo, click on the trash can icon.

Cropping and Sizing

Logo files should be, at a minimum, 288px wide or high (whichever is largest) for 2k projects, or 576px for 4k projects.

We recommend uploading higher-resolution images, up to 2048px.

It's best to crop extra margins off your logo before upload, but not required. You'll be able to resize the logo after upload; for more, see: Resizing and Positioning Logos.

File Formats

We accept the following file formats, in order of preference:

  • EPS
  • AI
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • JPEGs as an absolutely last resort.

Please try to source better than JPEG, if possible.

The Jpeg format is great for photographic images. But its compression technique doesn't play nicely with logos—it can leave visible artifacts along hard lines, as illustrated below.

Cube Gif - Cube Jpeg
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