Logo Sizing, Padding & Spacing

How do I change the size of a logo?

First, let's look at how logos are placed in Endcrawl in a logo grid. 

Each logo slots into a square, within a grid of squares with equal spacing between them. 

If a logo file is uploaded with no padding at the edges, it will display at the full width of the square. This works well for short, wide logos:

For different logo shapes, adding padding to the image file will size it more proportionally. For example, a circular logo usually looks best at two thirds of the canvas size:

To make logo sizes proportional, adjust the amount of padding in the image file.

What if a logo doesn't look good in the grid?

If a logo just doesn't fit well in the grid, it may work better as a stand-alone custom image. Reach out to Support for that. We can add custom images for you, like the NY Governor's Office image here:

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Still stuck? The Support Team is here to help. The Support Team is here to help.