Troubleshooting a missing Credits block

One of the credits blocks doesn't appear in Layout -- how do I make it display?

There are a few possibilities here:

1. The Block Type needs to be changed.

If a block's Block Type is set to, for example, Blurb, then only the "blurb" content from the Credits G-doc will appear in Layout. Anything in the other columns (role, name, song_title + song_details) will not appear.

If the blurb spot's empty for that block, the block will display as blank.

 Here's how to check and change a block's Block Type:

2. The block_name includes the word "image" or "logo", but it's not an image or logo block.

Layout will automatically generate a logo or custom image block if the word "logo" or "image" is in the block_name. To correct that, change the block_name in the Credits G-doc, and hit return. Then Reload Credits in Layout.

3. There is text in the logo column of a non-logo block.

Perhaps a note was left in the logo column, or a row with a logo block_name was deleted without removing the automatic logo text from the Credits G-doc. If the block isn't a logo block, but there's text there, Layout will not load the block correctly.

To fix this, delete any text from the logo column and hit return. Then Reload Credits in Layout.

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