Layout: Heading and Subheading

Heading and Subheading Controls

The Heading and Subheading fields work as simple text boxes. Type in the text and it displays at the top of the block selected. 

Hit return/enter to add space between a Heading or Subheading and the credits block. The second and subsequent returns will display as line space(s).

Heading and Subheading in Render

A note on block names

Each Heading and Subheading is associated with the specific credits block it's added to. If a block_name is changed, you will need to re-add the Heading or Subheading.

Each block_name in the Credits sheet is a label for that group of credits. These block_names won't appear in the actual credits scroll; they're not Headings or Subheadings. 

In the above example, the Selected Block is "cast". "cast" is the block_name, and the Heading "CAST" and Subheading "(in order of appearance)" are added to the "cast" block.

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