Layout: Clear Field aka Rolling Single

Some organizations require a specific credit (or group of credits) to briefly appear on screen by themselves. When this happens during a scrolling credits sequence, it's called a Clear Field, or sometimes a Rolling Single.

To save you the hassle of having to calculate the exact amount of spacing around these types of blocks, Endcrawl does it for you. When  Clear Field is toggled on, our render engine will automatically calculate the spacing above and below the Clear Field block. It will even do this if you change aspect ratios.

By default, a Clear Field block will be on screen by itself for one second. We call this duration the Solo Beat. (The Endcrawl support team can also adjust your solo beat if needed.)

Clear Field overrides Bottom Margin

If you were using the Bottom Margin control, turning on Clear FIeld will override it.

Read more about Bottom Margin controls.

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