2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In the past few years, 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) has swung political elections and brought down studio execs.

To be clear: people who did not enable 2FA caused those things. We strongly recommend not being that person. Here's how.

1. Download an Authenticator App for your Phone

We recommend either:

2. Set up 2FA on your Endcrawl Account

  1. Go to 2FA Setup in your Endcrawl account.
  2. Scan the QR code on the screen using one of the apps listed above.
  3. Enter the code from the app and click Enable 2FA.

Congrats! Now you're much less likely to accidentally end civilization. 

2-Factor Authentication FAQ

Will login always require 2FA?

No. We don't pester you if you've already passed a 2FA challenge in the current session.

You will need to pass a 2FA challenge, however, if you use Endcrawl from a new computer or a new browser.

Why aren't my codes working?

Your phone and Endcrawl's servers have to agree on the current time to within about 30 seconds.

The most common 2FA problem is that your phone's time was set manually, and has since drifted more than 30 second from "true" time. This is an entirely normal phenomenon known as clock drift. The best fix is to let your phone automatically set the time.

Do other 2FA Apps work with Endcrawl?

Yes. Any Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) app should work.

How Do I Disable 2FA?

To disable 2FA,

  1. Go to 2FA Setup in your Endcrawl account.
  2. Click Disable 2FA.

Once disabled, to avoid confusion, we suggest that you remove the Endcrawl entry from your 2FA app as well.

A Word of Caution

If you lose or reset your phone, you can be locked out of your 2FA-protected Endcrawl account.

When this happens, you'll need to schedule a brief video call with the Endcrawl security team during business hours. You'll be required prove your identity in order to regain access.

How do I migrate 2FA to a new phone?

To avoid losing access to your 2FA-protected accounts, always keep your old phone until your 2FA codes have been fully migrated to your new phone.

Authy, Google Authenticator for Android, and Google Authenticator for iOS (versions after December 2020) can all help you migrate codes to a new phone.

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