Crediting Endcrawl in your End Credits

We are always deeply grateful for a credit in your movie. A lot of filmmakers first hear about Endcrawl this way—because filmmakers are the type of people who stick around for the end credits. 🖤

Here's how to credit us in your film.

Best: Adding our Inline Logo Credit

Add this exact text to the role field, leaving the name field blank:

End Titles made with

This will trigger the addition of our inline logo, which you can see in the Layout preview pane:

Second Best: Adding a Text Credit

We own the U.S. service mark for the name Endcrawl®, so please avoid using our name generically.
Our preferred text credit looks like this:

End Titles made with

If your studio has policies against dot-com credits, then you can alternately credit us like this:

End Titles made with ENDCRAWL

Please do not Credit Us Like This

Please do not credit us like this:

Endcrawl by Endcrawl

Also Nice: Using our Vendor Logo

If you are dying for more vendor logos, or if you just think ours looks kinda neat, please feel free to use our logo in your vendor logo block.

The Endcrawl color logo shows up as one of the first options in the logo picker. Search for Endcrawl in the logo library, and you'll also find monochromatic and greyscale versions.

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