Setting Target Duration (TRT)

Target Scroll Duration can be added in the Endcrawl Settings tab.

If Scroll Duration is set to Variable, your running time will float depending on the number of credits and layout choices. This can be useful early on in the process while you're still figuring out how much time to set aside for your end titles.

Click the Lock to input a precise target duration:

The Endcrawl render engine automatically varies line height – and other typographic details – in order to hit your TRT. That means your line height will vary depending on how many credits are in your sequence, and what scroll speed you've selected. (We do this so that the credits never jitter or "shimmer.")

Endcrawl <> will email you if the target duration can't be met, with suggestions:

* Increase or decrease your scroll speed.

* Tighten up or increase spacing between credits and blocks.

* Use more or fewer columns where possible.

* Reduce or increase your font size.

What if I need a duration that's X:XX, plus X frames?

Since Endcrawl's targeting is to the second, not the frame, target to the nearest second under what you want. If you need frame accuracy, you can then achieve it by padding with leading and trailing black frames. At 24fps, the most you'd have to add is 23 black frames, probably less.

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