Setting Line Height

Line Height is the vertical distance between lines of text. It's also called line spacing or, if you're feeling fancy, "leading."

Line Height is special in Endcrawl scroll projects.

One of the biggest benefits of Endcrawl over DIY credits is its automatic scroll timing. Line Height is the magic ingredient here.

When you've locked a Scroll Duration – and we strongly recommend you lock in a TRT before delivering your scrolling end credits – the Endcrawl render engine will automatically adjust Line Height to hit your timing down to the second. You can't directly control Line Height in this case, and Endcrawl will let you know it's calculated:

What you can still control is the maximum and minimum Line Height used during the scroll timing process.

Please note that changing min and max Line Height affects what Scroll Durations are possible. If a Scroll Duration is impossible to hit, your render will be marked Incomplete and you'll get an email explaining your options. One of those options might be to relax your min or max Line Height.

What about Endcrawl cards projects?

Endcrawl cards projects are timed differently from scrolls. There's no min and max Line Height, and you're always free to set the Line Height directly:

What Line Heights look good?

This depends on:

  • The Fonts your Endcrawl project uses.
  • Whether you're uppercasing, or whether you're allowing lowercase characters with ascenders and descenders.
  • Whether you're working with static cards or a scroll.
  • Creative intent.

The ideal Line Height is usually between 1.20 and 1.45.

A Line Height of 2.0 will resemble "double spacing" from the typewriter era.

A Line Height of 1.0 won't leave much, if any, vertical space between lines.

Be warned that Line Heights lower than 1.0 may cause characters with ascenders or descenders to touch or even overlap.

I want a tighter or looser Line Height in my scroll renders.

If you've set a Scroll Duration, and your renders have a line spacing that looks too tight, consider decreasing your font sizes.

Similarly, if your timed scroll renders have a line spacing that looks too loose, consider increasing your font sizes.

These will adjust what typographers call your type color – how dense the text appears to the eye. (Not to be confused with Font color!)

Where do I change my project's Line Height?

Click "General Layout Options" under the Layout tab in Endcrawl.

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