How do I pay to upgrade a project?

Ready to upgrade?

When you're ready to upgrade a project, a project member at the Owner permissions level can request an invoice either by:

  • clicking on the badge in the menu bar that shows your current project tier (it now says "Upgrade" rather than "Demo" for projects currently on the free tier); or
  • clicking on the upgrade link on the Renders page.

Fill out all required fields and click "Request Invoice". Endcrawl Billing will send your invoice within minutes, along with a link to pay online.

What currency do you accept?

We accept payment in USD.

What are my online payment options?

We accept credit cards, ACH transfers, and Apple Pay.

How long does online payment take?

Online payment is fast (but not instant). It takes a few minutes after payment is submitted for full resolution renders to unlock. 

Do you take paper checks?

Yes we do—however, your project upgrade only goes into effect after the check has arrived, been deposited, and cleared.

If your renders are time-sensitive in any way, we strongly recommend using one of our online payment options.

Do you accept wire transfers?

Yes, we do. Please reach out to for details.

What if I need to switch to a higher tier, or update my invoice info?

No problem: to request an updated invoice, head to the same form. Update the information that's changed, and add clarifying comments to the "Notes" field if needed. Then click "Request Updated Invoice."

Can I upgrade to a higher tier later?

Yes! And you'll only pay the difference.

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