The 5 Block Types

Your Endcrawl project is made up of individual sections called blocks.

There are five basic block types. Using these, you can create any end credits sequence imaginable.


Role+Name is the most common block type. It contains pairs of roles ("Princess Leia", "Best Boy Electric") and Names ("Carrie Fisher", "Alanna Smithee").

Use this block type for Cast, Crew, or vendors.

Role+Name blocks can be either 1- or 2-column, and you can flip between them like this:

Name Only

Name Only blocks are for groups of people sharing the same credit. It offers lots of layout flexibility.

The most common use case here is a Special Thanks section. But once you have at least 4 or 5 people with the same credit—think PAs, Drivers, or Roto Artists—consider separating them into their own Name Only block. It's cleaner, and it preserves space.


A Blurb block is a simple paragraph or line of text.

Use this block type for legal, copyright, or dedications.


Song blocks are useful for music and needle drops.

You can also use this block type to credit other types of licensed material like stock footage or any other works of art.

 Logo

Logo blocks place one or more logo images into a neatly aligned grid.

Use this block type to credit your vendors and guilds, and to fulfill certain contractual requirements. Endcrawl has the world's largest collection of production logos: 4,000 and counting. You can also upload your own images and logos.

To dive deeper, read our article on working with logos.

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