Transparency and Text Over Picture

Does Endcrawl support renders with an alpha channel to put credits over picture?

Yes we do.

Endcrawl can render the following formats supporting alpha transparency 

  • TIFF image sequence
  • Apple ProRes 4444
  • Apple ProRes 4444 XQ

Are the TIFF files 8-bit or 16-bit?

Endcrawl TIFF image sequences always have a 16-bit depth.

How big are the TIFF files (unzipped)?

Although Endcrawl TIFF frames have higher bit depth, they're 10-20x smaller than DPX frames thanks to their internal compression. For example:

  • a 10-bit HD DPX frame is 8 MB
  • a 16-bit HD TIFF frame with light internal compression is 500 KB

How big are the TIFF files (zipped)?

Here's the good news: we deliver DPX and TIFF sequences as zip files, and these zip files are extremely efficient—usually around 1-2% of the uncompressed size. So you'll download just one manageable ZIP from us, and then unzip it on your end.

How fast are TIFF renders compared to DPX renders?

The Endcrawl render engine outputs TIFF sequences about 1.5-2x faster than DPX sequences.

In either case, you can expect your full-res 2k and 4k TIFF and DPX to turn around inside of one hour.

What is an image sequence?

If you're unclear on the difference between a Quicktime file and an image sequence, please take a look at this article.

What is the price?

TIFF sequences and transparency are available on our $999 feature film tier.

Is the alpha channel "straight" or "premultiplied"?

Your post house may ask whether the TIFF's alpha channel is "straight" or "premultiplied".

The answer is: our TIFF renders have a "straight" alpha channel.

What about Logos?

A note on logos and transparency.

While many logos in our logo library are set against a transparent background, some are not. This hinges on how logo images are delivered to us.

If you're using Endcrawl's logo uploader to add your own images, please source logos with proper "alpha" whenever possible.

In either case, you can always reach out to our support team for help sorting out logo issues. 

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