Can I get a discount or a freebie?

Do you provide free licenses to needy films?

Since we field hundreds of requests for free licenses and labor each year, Endcrawl has put the following policies and programs in place:

Seed&Spark Partnership

Through a partnership with Seed&Spark, Endcrawl provides one free PRO license each month to a low-budget (usually ultra-low) indie film.

Seed&Spark handles these nominations. Through their crowdfunding platform, they are in a much better position to means-test deserving projects.

Education Licenses

Each academic year, Endcrawl provides up to 3 free PRO licenses per film school (grad or undergrad). We also offer larger education licenses at steep discounts.

Education licenses are for class assignments and thesis projects only, and must all run through a designated faculty contact.

If you're a student or educator, please contact for more info.

Can we negotiate a special rate for my low-budget, out-of-budget, or out-of-pocket film?

90% of films are indies, and 90% of our are customers are indies too.

Endcrawl is a productized service. The system works by keeping our single-production licenses prix fixe. This policy is 100% firm, 100% of the time.

More info: Endcrawl Pricing.

Volume Licenses

We can, however, negotiate volume license deals.

If you're interested in volume licenses, please contact

Endcrawl offers a 45-day window to "grandparent" a past one-off job into a new volume license. 

What else can I get for free?

We provide gratis to all onboarded users:
  • Custom import and setup (non-rush jobs)
  • Logo and font assistance
  • Delivery spec assistance
  • Kickoff call
  • Ongoing high-engagement customer support
  • No time limits
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited preview renders

A paid upgrade is only required if you decide that you like all of the above, and would like to make higher-quality renders.

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