Font Size

How to change Font Size

In your project's Fonts section, pick the style you want to edit, then adjust size using the -/+ stepper buttons. You can also click on the font size and enter a number with your keyboard.

One recommended design pattern is to establish typographic contrast between your  Roles and  Names— typically by making the  Names larger, a different color, or heavier-weight.

What Unit does Endcrawl use for Font Size?

Font size is given in pixels (px).

This is standard in film and video post production.

Endcrawl UI units are on a 2k/HD scale. So a value of 24px in Endcrawl is equivalent to 48px in a 4k or UHD render.

What are acceptable Font Sizes?

Broad rule of thumb: keep your main font sizes roughly between 20 and 32px.

Depending on the typeface, 32px and larger can start looking a bit chonky, while 20px and less can feel like the bottom of an eye chart. Legibility varies quite a bit between fonts however, so make sure to run off some tests.

On the other hand, design is subjective, and larger text isn't a bad thing. We particularly enjoy large section headings to establish strong typographic contrast.

My designer gave me a unit size in "points". What does that mean?

Some designers are used to working in points and dpi. The modern "DeskTop Publishing point" (DPT) equals 1/72 of an inch or about 1/3 of a millimeter.

However, "point" units are a legacy artifact of of print design, and have little use in digital post production. (We don't work in absolute units since our work could be viewed on a 6" phone or a 90' IMAX screen.)

Luckily, we have a rule of thumb: 1 point often equals 1.333 pixels. So if you've been given a font size of 18 points, try 24 pixels. This doesn't always work—it depends on your designer's project setup—but it's a good place to start. You may want to adjust font sizes at any rate, depending on your TRT requirements.

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