Working with Fonts: Start Here

Endcrawl offers a powerful set of tools to dial in your typographic look.

Our approach is style-based, which means that you can set things like font weight, size, or color separately for each of these seven elements:

  • Roles
  • Names
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Song/Media Titles
  • Song/Media Details
  • Blurbs (Paragraphs)

Setting consistent typographic styles across the whole title sequence ensures that your design stays clean, beautiful, and typographically excellent.

Selecting a Style

Click on the row of the style that you want to edit. In the example below, we are selecting  Names.

Notice how in the preview pane, all of the  other text becomes blurred and dimmed. This lets you focus on just the style that you're currently working on.

Font Controls

With Endcrawl you can manipulate the following font options. Click for more detail:

Non-Latin Alphabet Support

Endcrawl supports the full Unicode character set. That means we can support any alphabet or language as long as your project fonts cover the necessary glyphs. We've handled credits in Kanji, Cyrillic, and Chinese, among others.

A note on font substitution

One important note: your web browser may automatically substitute a local system font if you are using characters that aren't supported by your project fonts.

For example, you may type in the name  Niclas Füllkrug, and it may even appear okay in your browser preview. But if your next render shows Niclas Fllkrug instead, please reach out to Endcrawl support so we can help diagnose the issue. Warning: free, cheap-o fonts are susceptible to incomplete glyph coverage!

Help! Eject!

If you've designed yourself into a corner and want to start over—no problem. The "Switch back to Default Template" button helps you do just that.

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