Creating a New Block

To create a new block, type the name of your new block in the leftmost column (column A) of your Google Doc. Then hit Enter ⮐.

In this example, we're creating a new block named Second Unit:

Notice that the G-doc automatically paints the row blue. This indicates the start of a new block. All rows between this blue row and the next blue row will be part of the block named Second-Unit. For a logo block, include the word logo or logos in the block_name.

Now just sync up your G-doc with the Endcrawl app, and the Second-Unit block will be part of your project. Before creating a new block, you might want to insert some extra rows to your Google Sheet.

A note on block names
A block_name that includes the word logo or image will automatically load in Layout as a logo or custom image block. 
To fix an unintended image or logo block, change the block_name. For example, change the block_name "Photos-Images" to "Photos-Imgs" or change the block_name "logo-designers" to "graphics-designers". Then Reload Credits in Layout.
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