Importing your Credits into Endcrawl

When the Endcrawl team sets up a feature film or episodic project, we provide a one-time, complimentary import of your credits.
Once the import is finished we hand control back to you. From that point on, all edits happen in the G-doc that we set up for you. This G-doc syncs directly to your Endcrawl project.

When should I do my import?

We strongly encourage doing this import sooner rather than later.
There will always be more tweaks later—and more tweaks and more tweaks. That's the nature of end credits. And once you're on board Endcrawl's platform, everything from fixing typos to making renders will be much, much easier.

How long does the import take?

We typically turn around imports in 24-48 hours. Since the import is gratis, we don't guarantee a specific time.

What formats do you accept?

Spreadsheets are the best way to go:
  • Microsoft Excel (strongly preferred)
  • Google Sheets (strongly preferred)
  • Apple Numbers
  • LibreOffice Calc

We also accept these formats, although the import will take longer:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Apple Pages
  • LibreOffice Writer
  • Plain text files

How do I send you the credits import file?

The import file can be sent as an email attachment to Endcrawl Support, with a note saying the project title. For Google Sheets, turn link sharing on and send the link to Support.

We decided to make a bunch of edits offline! Can we send you Excel/Word docs for a few more re-imports?

We aren't able to provide multiple re-imports.

Round-tripping office docs over email is part of what made the end credits process so difficult in the past. Keeping everything in one place—your project's Google Doc—is the best way to ensure that everyone is always in sync.

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Still stuck? The Support Team is here to help. The Support Team is here to help.