Endcrawl & Google Docs FAQ

Each Endcrawl project is linked to a specially-formatted Credits sheet ("the G-doc"). Our support team will set up your Credits G-doc and share it out to you.

How can I access my Credits Google Doc?

You can access your Google Sheet through the Credits tab in your Endcrawl project.

Some people prefer opening the G-doc in a separate browser tab—there's a direct link to the G-doc at the top of the Credits tab.

Why isn't my Project Google Doc displaying?

Please make sure that your browser is signed in to the Google account that the G-doc is shared out to. Sometimes this might be a different address than your main Endcrawl login. If you need help, please contact the support team.

Can I add Collaborators to my Credits Google Doc?

Absolutely. When you add a project member, the Credits G-doc is shared to them. See Managing Project Members & Roles for more.

Can I change fonts in the Credits Google Doc?

Fonts in your G-doc have no effect on your Endcrawl project. All of the layout and styling happen inside the Endcrawl app. This separation makes it a lot easier to work with your end credits, and easier to divide the work between your different stakeholders like producers, assistants, and designers.

Think of your G-doc as the "database" for your end credits. This where you make sure all of the names are in, spelled correctly, and in the right order.

For font changes and adjustments, see Working with Fonts.

Can I just use my own Google Doc?

You'll need to use the specific G-doc that Endcrawl sets up for you.

The Endcrawl-provided G-doc has some of our Special Sauce. And it's directly hooked up to your Endcrawl project using Google's APIs, so you can always sync things up with a single click.

Do I need a Google account?

While you don't need a Gmail address specifically, you do need a Google Account in order to access the credits Google Sheet. 

From Google's help site:

"Google accounts don’t have to use Gmail addresses. A Google account is simply a unified sign-in system ...You can associate any email address with a Google account."

Here's a link to signup for a Google account with any email address.

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