Layout: Text Alignment

Text Alignment controls how text is positioned in a block or a column.

This control has five options—which options are available will depend on context. For example, Gutter alignment needs at least two columns.

 Text Alignment: Center

Centered text is a classic end title design pattern. It's used in multi-column blocks like Special Thanks, acknowledgments, legal, and copyright sections.

 Text Alignment: Left or Right

But not everything wants to be centered. You can find typographic excellence in left-aligned grids:

Text Alignment: Gutter

In a Gutter alignment, the left-hand column is right-aligned, and the right-hand column is left-aligned. The negative space in the middle is called the gutter.

Classic "Cast" and "Crew" blocks use Gutter alignment:

Text Alignment: Justified

Justified is the opposite of Gutter: left-hand columns are left-aligned, and right-hand columns are right-aligned. You can use this option with most 2- and 3-column blocks.

Justified alignment can be a nice alternative to centering:

It's also a nice option for arranging song credits:

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