Layout: Columns

The Columns control is one of the most powerful and flexible of Endcrawl's layout tools. It's available to all block types except Logos.

Name Only

Name Only blocks can have up to 5 columns. Alternately you can click the Bullets toggle (or just set columns to zero) for a bulleted layout.

That Bullets option not only looks nice, it's also a handy space-saving measure. Preserving vertical space is a good idea—it can let you scroll at a slower speed, resulting in smoother motion.

Role+Name Blocks

Role+Name blocks can have either 1 or 2 columns.

Song Blocks

Song blocks can have up to 3 columns.

Column Width

By default, columns are set to their maximum width. For example, in a 4-column layout each column would have 25% of the available title safe width.

To pull columns closer together—for example, if you are dealing with a list of relatively short names—adjust the column width number downward.

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