Adjusting Gutter Width

What is a gutter?

The two-column gutter layout is one of the most common design patterns in end credits. We even have our own special icon for it.

Typically, roles go in the first column (characters, crew positions) and names go in the second (cast and crew). We call these Role+Name blocks.

When the left column's text is aligned to the right—and vice versa—it creates a column of empty space in the middle. That space is called the gutter.

How does Endcrawl measure gutters?

Endcrawl expresses the gutter width as a percentage of overall width. (Most of the time, this overall width is your title safe area.)

The perfect gutter depends on a lot of things, from font selection and personal preference. Endcrawl projects start with a 3% gutter by default.

About massive gutters

Endcrawl lets you set your gutter width to any value up to 99.9%. Not sure why you'd want this, though!

Typical gutters are in the 2-5% range. Setting massively large gutter width values could lead to weird results.

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