Adjusting Gutter Width

What is a gutter?

The two-column gutter layout is one of the most common design patterns in end credits. We even have our own special icon for it:

Typically, roles go in the first column (characters, crew positions) and names go in the second (cast and crew). We call these Role+Name blocks.

When the left column's text is aligned to the right—and vice versa—it creates a column of empty space in the middle. That space is called the gutter.

How does Endcrawl measure gutters?

Endcrawl expresses the gutter width as a percentage of overall width. (Most of the time, this overall width is your title safe area.)

The perfect gutter depends on a lot of things, from font selection to personal preference. Endcrawl projects start with a 3% gutter by default.

About massive gutters

Endcrawl lets you set your gutter width to any value up to 99.9%. Not sure why you'd want this, though!

Typical two-column gutters are in the 2-5% range. Setting massively large gutter width values could lead to weird results.

Where do I change my project's gutter?

Click "Global Layout Options" under the Layout tab in Endcrawl.

What about gutters for three or more columns?

Role+Name blocks have at most two columns, but Name Only blocks can have more. There's a separate "multicolumn" gutter width option in Endcrawl for these:

It's less common to change this, because 3, 4, and 5-column blocks will often look better with a generous Column Width:

We recommend leaving a multicolumn gutter of at least 1%. This will prevent long Names in different columns from touching each other and harming legibility:

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