Transferring Project Ownership

There are situations where you may need to hand off ownership of an Endcrawl project. For example:

  • Someone else is taking over responsibility for the credits.
  • You're leaving the production team.
  • Your film is sold, and the studio or distributor wants to manage future changes.

How to Transfer Project Ownership

  1. Add the new Project Owner using the Project Members tab.
  2. Make sure you assign them Owner status. (There can be more than one Owner.)
  3. Once the new Owner has accepted the invitation, you can either downgrade your role or ask the new Owner to remove you entirely.

How to Claim Project Ownership

Sometimes you need access to an Endcrawl project, but the original project Owner is difficult to reach. We understand this happens from time to time.

For content security reasons, we'll need to set up a call to verify a few details before transferring project ownership. (You wouldn't want your project just handed over to any internet rando.)

To claim ownership of an Endcrawl project, please reach out to for help.

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