Cards Title Safe

What is Title Safe?

Title safe is the area at the edge of the screen that's meant to be kept clear. Different TVs will crop an image in slightly different places. The safe area ensures that it'll be visible on any TV. For cards, title safe margins are required on all four sides. (For scrolling credits, title safe margins are to the left and right only.)

A card's title safe margins are shown in Layout as thin magenta lines. The outer rectangle outlines the full area of the card, and the inner one shows the card's title safe margins. 

Title Safe Violations

A title safe violation means the content of a card is bleeding outside of the title safe margins, and a render cannot be made. The error message will tell you which card or cards have title safe violations. 

To fix this, get all the content into the title safe borders, or split the content across more cards. See the RELATED ARTICLES linked below for help with that.

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