Saving Space in Layout

My credits are too long! How can I save space?

Your credits need to hit a target duration without scrolling too fast. But the credits are too dang long. The more vertical space you preserve, the slower you can scroll, and the smoother your credits will look. Here's a roundup of ways to save space.

Reduce block spacing wherever possible.

Reduce font sizes.

Reducing the font sizes throughout by a couple pixels will save some space. Depending on typeface choices, there's often room to go smaller and still read well.

Use more columns or bullet blocks wherever possible.

Use Side by Side blocks.

Splitting a block in half and putting the two halves next to each other takes up half the space.

Reduce minimum line height.

A lower minimum line height can allow your scroll to hit a shorter duration. Careful with this one -- too tight of a line height can overlap ascenders and descenders. The line height is calculated by the render engine for scrolls, so check this in your exports rather than relying on the Layout preview pane. You can adjust the Line Height Min in General Layout Options.

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