Production vs Project: What's the Difference?

Endcrawl differentiates between Productions and Projects. How are they different?


A Production is a discrete creative work, like a film or a video game.
For TV and episodic, we treat each season as a separate production.


An Endcrawl Project is a collection of credits. You can have one or many Projects under a single Production.
For example:
Production: Moonlight
  • Project: Moonlight Scroll
  • Project: Moonlight Main Cards

Or, you might have alternate versions:

Production: Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • Project: EEAAO Scroll
  • Project: EEAAO Main Cards
  • Project: EEAAO Scroll - International
  • Project: EEAAO Main Cards - International
The same goes for episodic series:
Production: Pennyworth Season 3
  • Project: Pennyworth 301 Domestic
  • Project: Pennyworth 301 International
  • Project: Pennyworth 302 Domestic
  • Project: Pennyworth 302 International
  • etc.


Do I need a separate login or "account" for every Production?

No you don't! Your Endcrawl account is tied to your personal email address. Using that single login, you can access all of your Endcrawl Productions and Projects.

Is Billing on the Production level, or on the Project level?

Production level. A single invoice covers everything.

How do I create a new Project under an existing Production?

Click the "Hamburger Menu" in the top right corner of the Endcrawl UI.
Choose "Start a New Project..."
See here for more detailed instructions.

How do I start a brand new Production?

Follow the steps above, but instead of adding your new Project to an existing Production, choose "+ NEW PRODUCTION".
See here for more detailed instructions.

Can I copy or clone a project?

When you create a new project, you'll have the option to start with a template or clone from an existing project.

Note that you must be an Owner of a project in order to clone it.

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