Creating a New Project

You can create new project in Endcrawl by clicking on the Hamburger Menu in the top right corner, then selecting Start a New Project...
This article explains each option in detail.


Here you can choose either to add a new credits project to an existing Production, or to start a brand new one.
Some scenarios where you may want to add to an existing Production:
  • You have a scroll but want to add main cards
  • You need to create an alternate language version
  • You need to add a new episode to a TV season
If you're still unclear on the difference between a Production and Project, see this article for more help.

If you're starting a new production...

If you're starting a brand new production in Endcrawl, you'll see the following options.

Production Title

Start by giving the new production a title. This is the name of the work as it will appear on the poster or thumbnail.
If you're in super-secret stealth mode, it's fine to use a title like "Untitled XYZ Documentary".

Type of Production

Choose the option that most closely matches your production, e.g. Feature Narrative, TV Series, Student Film, etc.

Scroll or Cards

You can start with either Scrolling Credits or Static Cards. You can always add more Scroll or Cards projects later.


If this is a series production, select the number of episodes in your series or season.
This must be the number of episodes that you're actually shooting and releasing. Cheating this number is frowned upon.


If you're a Volume License owner, you can choose to apply your volume license to the new production. This lets you skip the invoice dance and start making full renders immediately.

If you're Adding to an Existing Production...

If you're adding a new credits project to an existing production in Endcrawl, select the name of the production that you're adding to.
Scroll or Cards
You can start your new production with either a Scrolling Credits project or a Static Cards project.

Project Name

You will see the title of your production, followed by the name you want to give this specific project. Choose any descriptive name, for example:
  • Scroll
  • Mains on End
  • Episode 102
  • etc

Other options

Copy From

Choose whether to start with a pre-defined template, or clone from another project.
Note that you can only clone from another project if you are one of the project's Owners.

Copy Members?

If you're cloning from another one of your projects, you might not want to clone all of the same users at this point. Maybe you're just testing, or maybe you want to do some work before sharing it out to others.
If that's the case, choose Just Me.
If you want to add everyone right away, choose Yes, add the following n members.


When you're finished, click " Create" and you're off to the races.


Here's what it might look like to start a brand new production:

And here's what it looks like when you're just adding a new credits project to an existing production:

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