Missing Glyphs in Fonts

Endcrawl supports credits in many languages – not just English – but how this is displayed on screen depends on your chosen font.

The characters may look fine during data entry in your Google Sheet:

But if your font lacks a glyph for a character used in your credits, it will display in Endcrawl with a tiny box around it:

This indicates there's a glyph support problem with your font.

The most straightforward fix is to choose a font with better glyph support. Endcrawl's curated font set includes fonts like Barlow and Noto that have broad language support.

However, some languages and scripts – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Devanagari and others – typically require specially designed fonts. Please reach out to the Endcrawl Support team for assistance. The team can even help install a fallback font so that mixed-language credits display correctly.

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