Italic Fonts

Italic fonts are used for emphasis and contrast. They commonly have a rightward slant. Italic fonts variants may also have more cursive or serif qualities compared to the non-italic font family.

How to Enable Italics

In your project's Fonts section, pick the style you want to edit. Then use the  Italics control to switch between the Italics and regular versions of the font.

About Faux Italics

Italics are special font variants created by the font designer. Most font families come with Italic or Oblique variants.

If your font doesn't have these variants, the Italics option will be disabled in the UI. But it is possible for us to enable "Faux Italics" if you really need it. Please reach out to the support team for assistance with this.

Italic vs Oblique

As mentioned above, Italic font variants tend to have cursive features. Obliques, on the other hand, are slanted but have little or no other changes compared to their non-Oblique variant. (Read more.)

In practice, it's fine to use these two terms somewhat interchangeably. In the Endcrawl app, we always use the term Italics in order to avoid confusion.

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