A Guide to Endcrawl Markdown

Endcrawl has its own flavor of markdown codes. These can be used in your Google Sheet to influence the display of selected pieces of credits text.

Please use in moderation

In general we discourage you from "designing in your Google Sheet." Your Google Sheet is for structured data entry, and the Endcrawl app is for visual design. So please don't overdo it with markdowns! If you find yourself using lots of markdowns, leveraging Endcrawl's Font Styles may be an easier way to accomplish the same thing.

The Endcrawl Markdown Cheatsheet

Endcrawl markdowns: how to enter them, and how they'll display.
Code Effect Example
^^ superscript 1^^st^^ Assistant Director
__ small capitals Evan Schiff, __ACE__
** bolder **Mains-on-end** are cards after picture.
// italicize //Christina's World//, Andrew Wyeth, 1948.
++ force uppercase Robert ++de++ Niro
-- force lowercase Diane Becker, --p.g.a.--
== preserve case ==FotoKem==
:: isolate an ::IMPOSSIBLY GOOD FILMS:: production


Markdowns can surround multiple words, like so: //The Wizard of Oz// was released in 1939.

Markdowns can occur within a word: 1^^st^^ Assistant Director

To inhibit a markdown, you can insert a special invisible unicode character called a word joiner before each mark. For example, if you wanted One // Two // Three to display exactly as written, without italicizing, you would insert the invisible U+2060 character before the first and third forward slashes.

Markdowns can be the basis for internal customizations by the Endcrawl Support team. For example, if you wanted the credits text an IMPOSSIBLY GOOD FILMS production to render the company name in blue, the first step is to isolate that text with a markdown, like so:an ::IMPOSSIBLY GOOD FILMS:: production . Endcrawl Support would take it from there.


Markdowns can't span multiple lines of content.

Markdowns can't be nested – the outermost markdown wins.

Markdowns can't be immediately adjacent to each other. This won't work: ++some++//thing// . There must be at least one non-markdown character after a markdown, and before the next one. In a pinch, you can use one of these whitespace characters.

McNames: On is applied before any markdowns. So a preserve case markdown ==MacDonald== will still display as MacDONALD when McNames is in effect. A solution is to force specific letters to lowercase, like so: M--ac--D--onald-- .

Google Sheets will interpret a cell starting with = as a formula, so simply entering==FotoKem== in a cell will complain with an error. Prefix the cell with a single quote to avoid this: '==FotoKem== .

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