Troubleshooting differences between Layout and exports

Why doesn't the layout browser preview pane exactly match video outputs?

The browser layout preview is 99% accurate, but browsers vary slightly. In some cases, a browser will calculate how the text fits slightly differently than the render engine does. Render is definitive.

Why is the line spacing in the preview pane for a scroll project different from that in the video outputs?

Our render engine varies line height automatically in order to hit your TRT. That means your line height will vary depending on how many credits are in your sequence, and what scroll speed you've selected. (We do this so that the credits never "shimmer".)

Why doesn't a PDF output exactly match renders?

The PDFs are going to be accurate to the text, formatted to be printable, for purposes like proofreading or legal review. The PDF outputs are not screen-accurate. Render is definitive.

For a still output that will match render, we'd suggest using the PNG still.

How can I make them match more closely?

The most common differences will be in where lines break in blocks with a lot of text across, like blurbs or name-only bullet blocks.

To adjust how much text fits on a line in render, adjust column widths for those blocks, then make renders to test.

Why do spacing and line breaks in render change slightly when using a different raster?

Different rasters have different geometries — for example, let's compare 2k@2.39 and HD@1.33, both with an 80% title safe area.

2k@2.39 has a title safe area of 1536x804. HD@1.33 has a title safe area of 1152x1080.

A block at 100% width has 1536 pixels to fit into in 2k@2.39, but only 1152 in HD@1.33. A long line of text will break much sooner in the HD@1.33 render.

Similarly, when the render engine calculates the line height required for smooth scrolling motion, it has a height of 804 to work with in the 2k@2.39 example. In HD@1.33, it has a height of 1080 to work with. Line height will be different between these two renders.

Here's 2k@2.39, with a title safe area of 1536x804:

And here's HD@1.33, with a title safe area of 1152x1080.

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