Adding Fonts to Your Project

Can I use my own fonts on my Endcrawl project?

Yes, you can. A few tips:

  • For reputable open-source typefaces, start with Squirrel Fonts and Google Fonts.
  • Be careful sourcing free fonts elsewhere—the internet is full of buggy and problematic font files.
  • Serif fonts with hairline strokes and thin or light font weights generally don't play well in scrolls. Use at your own risk.
  • If you're using commercial fonts, make sure you've purchased the necessary licenses first.
  • For inspiration, try our Lookbook.

What types of font files can you install to my project?

We accept TTF and OTF font files.

How do I turn fonts over to Endcrawl?

To bring your own fonts to the party, please

  • email the licensed (or Open Source) font files to
  • let us know which project it's for
  • allow about one-half business day for us to do a metadata cleanup pass and install it to your project

Can I upload and install fonts directly?

We don't offer automatic font uploads right now.

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