Setting a Background Color

End credits are typically white text over a black background. But it doesn't have to be that way.

In addition to changing your text colors, you can change your Endcrawl project's background color. To access this, click "General Layout Options" under the Layout tab in Endcrawl.

Click the square black swatch beside the "#000000" hexadecimal value. Your browser's native color picker control will appear. If you're using Chrome, the default entry format is RGB, but you can switch to HSL or HEX entry by clicking the steppers in the bottom right corner of the picker.

What about transparency and background colors?

Most Endcrawl render formats use an opaque background. These formats will use your chosen background color.

A few render formats support transparency, and these will substitute fully transparent pixels (alpha = 0%) instead of your background color:

  • Apple ProRes 4444 XQ
  • Apple ProRes 4444
  • Full Resolution TIFF Image Sequence (Transparent)
  • Full Resolution TIFF Still (Transparent)
  • Full Resolution TIFF Still Cards (Transparent)

What about semi-transparent (translucent) background colors?

Semi-transparent background colors are possible! We don't expose this option in the Endcrawl app, as it can introduce considerable confusion. Please email if your project needs it. Only the transparent render formats listed above support semi-transparency.

Can I use an image for the background?

No, not yet. We feel compositing tasks like this are better done in your edit timeline than in a tool like Endcrawl.

Note that the width and height of an Endcrawl video render depends on your Raster, and the total height of an Endcrawl scroll varies unless you've locked a Scroll Duration.

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