What if a render fails?

I kicked off a render, and now it says the render "failed". Why and what should I do?

Why do renders sometimes fail?

Our render engine varies line height and other typographic details automatically in order to hit your TRT. That means your line height will vary depending on how many credits are in your sequence, and what scroll speed you've selected. We do this so that the credits never "shimmer".

To preserve good typography, there are limits on the possible adjustments. For example, line height can't become so short that lines touch or overlap, nor so high that the lines look triple spaced. Since the credits cannot be stretched or compressed infinitely, sometimes, the duration set won't be achievable. When that's the case, the render fails.

What should I do if a render failed?

Check your email. Endcrawl <automated@endcrawl.com> will email the account that made the render with an explanation and suggestions. The email will say something like this:

We're sorry, Endcrawl's render engine can't hit your TRT of 02:30 with the current settings.

Endcrawl only scrolls at specific speeds that never "shimmer".

At your current scroll speed (3) the shortest possible TRT is 02:35.

How to fix this:

* Increase your scroll speed from 3 to 3.5.
* Tighten up spacing between credits and blocks.
* Use more columns where possible.
* Reduce your font size.

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